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About Us

Our Company offers innovative and creative solutions on Shoulder Arthroplasty Market under the brand name of Next Shoulder Solutions. Our Company reserves all the marketing and distribution rights of Next Shoulder Solution brand.  

Our Mission

Our Mission is manufacturing innovative, creative and reliable products for Shoulder Arthroplasty Market, without and compromise, and contributing to the wellbeing of patients by providing solutions to all the surgeons globally. 

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leader manufacturing company of innovative and creative products on Shoulder Arthroplasty Market which are preferred by surgeons all around the world.  

Quality Management System Policy 

Quality Management System of NEXT A.S. is based on the foundation of continuous customer satisfaction and improvement policies, which defined and implemented by the senior management as defined below:

NEXT A.S. performs its role in medical devices industry as a manufacturer, with the help and support of its emloyees, within the limits of national and international laws and regulations by keeping the highest level of ethical and social values. Therefore NEXT A.S.:

* Acts as in full compliance of national and international laws and regulations,

* Pursues constant employee and customer satisfaction,

* Improves by perpetual training and educational activities,

* Creates a consciousness of responsibility among all stakeholders,

* Increases the productivity and efficiency,

* Responds to everchanging needs of the customers,

* Leads and encourages the suppliers to produce the highest-level quality products and services to achieve common goals,

* Pursues the scientific and technological advancements in the industry, to achieve continuous improvement on the Quality Management System.

NEXT A.S. has always been achieveing exceptional milestones, with innovative and consistent management policies, which is in line with contemporary quality management standards and takes this relentless persuit to the future.

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Serhat, İvedik OSB MH 88 Oto Sanayi Sitesi 3. Bölge, 2284. Sk. No:101, 06378 Yenimahalle/Ankara

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